An artist like myself relies on intuitive sense, a little Zen of the present... the now of discords that arrange a balance of contrasts. My figurative sculpture can be realistic or subjective. My ocean chart collages and my resin abstract paintings take form as their multi-layers result in biomorphic tactile and jewel smooth shapes. Myths, metaphors from history, formulas of color, observing nature and my poetic thirst inspire me to create each lyrical abstract piece.

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my BRUSH tell youR  story.

Artist Dore' Anderson Original Artwork


   Acrylic Paintings 

   Mixed media

   Oil Pastels

   Pencil & Colored Pencil


   Sculptures in clay and bronze

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Fine Artist Dore' Anderson Biography


Dore' is from Zephyr Hills, Florida and maintains a studio gallery. Dore is a prolific fine artist, accomplished in a variety of mediums. Visit this collection of original artworks.... paintings, acrylic, mixed media, pastels, sketches, watercolors, sculptures in clay and bronze.

"I’m an artist because I understand concepts in a visual sense, relationships between Form and Space, and when introduced to art making at an early age, knew At some point, I would contribute to it. Getting my BFA in sculpture was the icing. Painting was what I did and do now. My teaching of art started when I opened my gallery in Zephyrhills, FL, had it for 9 years and now my Art Studio is part of my home."

my story

Sky Ridge Studio

Pictures have been man's vocabulary for centuries. we recognize shapes and colors, start decoding as children. Artists never stop this process...building and correlating in creative ways.

I first became a visual artist when I was told, ..."it is a lifelong pursuit, a true artist never stops learning". At ten years of age learning in a structured formality in a museum setting, I remember the Dali painting, the Hudson River Valley masterpieces, large carved figurative sculptures in marble and bronze, the Joseph Cornell boxes, the O'Keefe flowers. Stepping from city streets into the museum rooms reflected calm and quiet. I realized than the jolt was different. Artistic movements are too. It affected me - to this day.

 I still search for horizons. Blending new in the drawings, paintings, and mixed-medias are expressions in forms of color and an abstract visual narrative. Studying blocks of color in a grueling class of Artist, Joseph Albers teachings and his 25 year research on color theory, I learned his system on the spectrums.

Original Artwork by Dore' Anderson